Momos come in a variety of styles such as steamed momos, pan fried momos, deep fried momos. One of the most popular street snack in India is the momos. The Key ingredients in the momos is the vegetables which include onions, carrots, beans, capsicum etc and the outer layer made of maida. Momos taste the best when served with dips such as mayonnaise, tomato dip also known as momo chutney, schezwan sauce etc.

Chicken Momos Recipe Video by MeldWithMe

Ingredients for Chicken Momos

  • ½ cup chopped Onion
  • ½ cup chopped Beans
  • ½ cup chopped Carrot
  • ½ cup chopped Capsisum
  • Any other vegetables of your choice
  • 1 cup Chicken Kheema
  • 1 tsp Green chilly paste
  • 2 tsp Ginger garlic paste
  • 1 tsp Dark Soya sauce
  • 1 tsp White Vinegar
  • Salt as per taste
  • 1 tsp Chilly flakes
  • 1 tsp Pepper
  • 1 tsp Sesame oil
  • Oil for frying
  • 1 ½ cup Maida

Preparation of Chicken Momos

Chicken Momos Dough:

  1. Take the maida in a large vessel and add a pinch of salt and little water and start kneading. Add in water as needed.
  2. Knead it and make a dough out of it.
  3. The momos dough is ready.
  4. Cover it with a clean damp cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Chicken Momos Filling:

  1. First turn on the gas and place a pan and add in 1 tablespoon of oil and heat it for about 10-20 seconds.
  2. Keep the gas on low flame and add in the ginger garlic paste. (Be careful as the ginger garlic paste when added will start to spill oil out of the pan). Let it heat for 30 secs.
  3. Now add in the chicken kheema.
  4. Now add in all the chopped vegetables (onion, carrot, beans, capsicum) and saute it for a minute.
  5. Now add in the green chilli paste and all the other spices (salt, pepper and chilly flakes) and mix it thoroughly with mixture. Now add in 4 tablespoon of water and cook it for a minute.
  6. Now add in the soya sauce and white vinegar and saute it nicely till the water dries.
  7. Turn off the flame and add sesame oil and mix it with the mixture.
  8. Our momos filling is ready.

Making the Momos:

  1. Take the dough and add in 1 tsp of oil and knead it again.
  2. Make round balls out of the dough.
  3. Now with a rolling pin roll out the balls and make a small chapatti out of it (Try to make it a thin layer).
  4. Now add in 1 tsp of the filling prepared and start closing the chapatti in the shape of a momo.
  5. Repeat it with all the round balls.
  6. Now take a steamer/ricecooker and add in the water at the base and when it starts to boil, add in the momos on the top layer.
  7. Let it cook for 5-7 mins and then check if they are ready.
  8. Your chicken momos is ready to serve.

Take out the momos in a plate and serve it with a spicy red tomato chilly sauce and enjoy.

Chicken Momos Image by MeldWithMe
Chicken Momos by MeldWithMe